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5 conditions affecting the adjustment of the thesis topic

Adjustment of the topic of scientific work depends on five basic conditions.

  • A comprehensive study of the problem posed (identifying the degree of elaboration of controversial results, the presence of gaps / unexplored areas on the topic of the Ph.D. thesis)
  • The formulation of the main goal of the study with the specification of the tasks set, the precise definition of its object / subject according to the established chronological framework. All this data is displayed in the title of the topic.
  • Determination of the exact methodology and its scope. You can find different methodology guides at write my papers. The author draws up a clarifying list of questions to get the necessary solutions.
  • Identification of possible areas of implementation of the results obtained in production and a reasoned substantiation of their practical significance.
  • The presence / absence of the necessary base of literary sources, including archival materials on the research topic.

How to choose a thesis topic in psychology?

To select topics for dissertations in psychology, you need to select the field of scientific interests of the applicant for the title. Psychology is a developing science, and it offers opportunities for scientific research. Finding topic for your work is not an simple job, but on you can look for a good amount of topic examples and you will probably find something for you. To select a topic, you should focus on the following basic sources:

  • analysis of personality psychology in the light of its interaction with other members of society;
  • political and legal psychology in the light of current events in society and bearing consequences for the future;
  • correctional psychology, aimed at developing effective methods of influence that can bring real change;
  • developmental psychology, which can affect both individuals and groups.

How to choose a dissertation topic in economics?

Economics majors offer tremendous opportunities for choosing a topic for writing scientific papers. Dissertation topics in economics are very numerous and represent a wide field for innovators. What should you pay attention to when choosing a topic on economics? Here are recommendations from EssaysWritingHelp writing service:

  • the current economic situation in the country;
  • the work of individual sectors of the economy;
  • current or projected crises;
  • world famous work in the field of economics;
  • legislative changes;
  • statistical data.

Before choosing a topic in the economic industry, writers recommend to look for a few key factors needed to choose a topic, the determining factors for an applicant are:

  • the presence of successful research in the study of the mechanism of work of economic processes;
  • development of innovative methods for solving socio-economic problems;
  • reasoned justification and study of the effectiveness of existing engineering solutions.

The main task of the author of a Ph.D. thesis is to obtain results that correspond to the modern development of the economy and find new methods for solving existing problems.

How to structure the dissertation plan correctly

All about the concept of master's / doctoral theses

How to write and complete a dissertation introduction

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