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Interrogative & Imperative Sentences – Examples Guide 2021

When it comes to sentence construction, differentiating between different types of sentences is as important as their arrangement in the document. For that, you need to develop a good understanding of different Essay Writing Service and how you can incorporate them in various ways while completing your assignments. Let’s focus on the two crucial types known as interrogative and imperative sentences. 

Interrogative Sentences with Examples

The primary focus of this sort of sentence is to ask a question. Interrogative sentences explicitly indicate some form of a question during the conversation. When you are going to add an interrogative sentence, it means that you want some sort of answer in response. 

Mostly, a question word is used at the start of the sentence to successfully apprehend the situation of interrogation. Let us look into some examples of interrogative sentences to better get the idea. 

  • What are you doing?
  • Did you visit your friend?
  • Would you like to have a slice of cake?

Imperative Sentences with Examples

These forms of sentences are used to direct or give orders. Further, this type of sentence is also applicable when it comes to making requests. Simply, imperative sentences are used to indicate someone to do something specific. The characteristic of this type of Write My Paper can be used in the form of an influential command, friendly guidance, or fundamental instructions. Some of the examples of imperative sentences are as follows:

  • Please open this window.
  • Stop looking at her. 
  • Don’t ever touch my notebook. 

Differences between Interrogative and Imperative Sentences

In concluding remarks, let me give you some bonus information that will surely help you to figure out how interrogative sentences are different from imperative sentences. The main difference between these types of sentences exists with reference to their diverse Paper Writing Service. The central function of interrogative sentences is to ask questions whereas the motive of imperative sentences is to give the command. Another crucial difference between these two is that imperative sentences always have the identical subject while interrogative sentences can be opposite in this manner. 

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