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This will be a minigame in runescape that allows players to travel into another world

The Spy mysteriously vanishes. Follow his instructions and speak to his Right-Hand Man, Kamu. Kamu is located in Camelot however, you have to be wearing the Ring of Visibility to See Kamu OSRS Gold, as well as the Ghostspeak Amulet to speak with Kamu. Talk to him.

Greetings Adventurer. Kamu moves his eyes backward and forward in a suspicious manner. What do I can do to assist you? I'm sure the Ghostly Spy in Falador has sent me. Oh he did, did he? Then why would he choose to send us an animal? I'm not sure. He said he wanted to speak to you about his quest. Yes, it was that. There's a chance I can tell you more. It will cost you. What is the price? 35 Ectotokens Fine, here you go.

Okay, now listen closely. It's only possible to say it once. My master has a little issue. His task is being thwarted by some force. If he doesn’t finish his job and we don't finish it, then we won't be able to help him and he may never be able to help us. The Undead Assassin is the only option to assist him. He may be able to tell you more. Seek him out in the forest to the south of Seer's Village. Don't reveal to anyone who you talked to about me. None!

It will talk after it's gone: Hey, man! totally insane. What is this? This is not an animal. It's just one guy dressed in an outfit! The bag must be handed over, it was stolen! He took it. Who? I don't know. I was laughing at the idiot in that tent when someone came out from out of nowhere and struck me in the face. Then he took my bag. That's not the end of the story Buy OSRS Accounts. What is the worst? He said that theft is wrong and jokes and pranks are absurd. The night was dark however, the man did not appear human.

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