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Though you can call me a snowflake and all that

However, even though you may have renamed it before, it cheap aion classic kinah didn't work. There was no indication of the name you were renaming. Perhaps you have a problem with another one. I don't know what it is. However, it worked for me.

I play from the Netherlands and have around 100 ping , with exitlag. It's quite enjoyable and I'm feeling competitive. It's not a problem unless you plan to play at least 12 hours a day. If that is the case, you'll not compete with top1%.

It was also a great instance of community engagement. The Treasury provided the prize pool using more than 105k AION. The community members decided to donate 25% of prize pool to SavageMine's family, as well as 20k AION, to support the family through this challenging time.

Though you can call me a snowflake and all that, I find open world pvp significantly more difficult than it was first tried it ten years ago. I think the reason is that since then I've played so many competitive esports where the level of play and pure skill decide who is the winner. In the past, I would just think, well just gotta do your best and take it as it comes. Also, I'd like say that I am a fan of aion and I also loved higher-level pvp such as in Tiamaranta’s eye or organized PVP, like the coliseum. Everyone's connected and it's more competitive.

However, the importance goes as follows in pvp: Skills > Gear > Class and getting killed for the 100th time by a sin/ranger at 20% HP farming mobs is increasingly frustrating. I don't get how someone could be content with the destruction of people who are not properly geared, underleveled or underadvantaged and do their own thing. While I understand the need to take that risk in a pvpve zone there is a sense that many people don't care about actual competition.

There have been instances when I've been with people that were just saying hello to me while we were just trying to farm. A purple flew by me, but there was no harm in killing me. However, for every one of those situations there's ten more instances where I'm killed or ganked in 1v3 by the twink of a slash, or by a guy who is 10+ levels higher than me without a reason. In the end, the reason why people do twinks is a pity, they're just trying to annoy people they know they can beat easily. It is because most individuals still play the same game, and the only ones who are able to do this are the whales or the no-lifers. But, this is how aion has always looked back.

Edit To those from the other end I'd like you to know that I fully understand the argument. I was one of the twinklers for a long time. But, I have lost the appeal and enjoyment of one-sided dunking.

Wow You guys! Aion Classic is flourishing due to euro aion classic buy kinah those who love the aspect of playing. There aren't any OWPvPvE games remaining due to such complaints.

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