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Introducing EDP in Marketing Analytics from IIM Visakhapatnam

Nulearn takes pride in announcing its collaboration with IIM Visakhapatnam for Executive Development Programme in Marketing Analytics. The program has been designed meticulously for marketing professionals who are willing to ace their analytical skills & develop their skill-set as per the industrial landscape. The executive certification program will enable professionals to use their market intelligence, analytical techniques & research practices, for taking day-to-day marketing decisions, and developing and executing marketing strategies.

Professionals will also learn to effectively use market intelligence and analytical knowledge in real-world scenarios, where corporations need to manage business portfolios, compete with other companies and build relationships with trade partners. The professionals will be able to acquire data-driven decision making abilities, the course will prepare them to tackle the marketing and business issues they are likely to confront in a career in marketing. The course curriculum is crafted specifically for working professionals keeping in mind state of the art industry trends & developments.

The primary objective of the program is to help professionals understand qualitative and quantitative market data, enabling professionals to learn data visualization. It will also focus on consumers’ demographics and behavior, by optimizing marketing mix data. The course will also cover in-depth market modeling & utilization of data to reform marketing strategies.

In the current business scenario, information technology has changed the data collection, analysis and interpretation methods. Now, the organization has access to several qualitative and quantitative data about customers and the market. Hence, marketers are keen to know how to analyse the data for providing better services to the consumers. They want to formulate marketing strategies based on historical data. Executive Development Programme from IIM Visakhapatnam allows professionals to learn & upgrade their skills as per the industrial developments.

We at Nulearn understand the need of constant upskilling, hence we have taken an initiative of starting Masterclass Programs, wherein we provide unique offerings for each program. Talking about the Marketing Analytics Programme with IIM Visakhapatnam, we have offered a slew of Master class programs inclusive of 15 hours Tableau training from a certified trainer. There is no extra added or hidden cost included for this training; anyone who has enrolled for the course can take these extensive sessions post the completion of the program. Click here to know more details about the program.

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