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Power BI is the cloud-based tool that helps businesses to analyze business data and share insight. With the help of modern techniques, it provides businesses a 360-degree view with most of the crucial metrics in one place, real-time updates, and available on all devices. Most importantly, it requires no capital expenditure or infrastructure support. To use this tool or to get intelligent business insights, users do not need any specialized training or any IT (Informational Technology) team. Typically of all Microsoft cloud services, the implementation of Power BI is the speediest and hassle-free and also enhances the growth of the business.Power BI, being a part of Power Platform Consulting services, enhances the interactivity between the reports. If multiple visualizations have been added to the data, it can be seen easily. To see the changes in the data, users can simply click the bar on the bar chart. The feature of Power BI comes with a variety of options. You can also access the value of location charts, lists, and KPIs by choosing a location in map visuals.

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